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    om namay padmay om

    [ Saturday, June 22, 2002 ]

    Today is my birthday.

    It is kind of freaking me out and on so many levels. First, I just want to say that I can’t believe that I’m that old.  I never, in my whole life thought I’d live this long. It’s not that I lived a particularly hazardous lifestyle, it’s just that I seem to set mileposts for myself that I cannot imagine myself beyond. For example, my first milepost was 21. When I was around six, I could imagine myself going to middle school, driving, graduating from high school, but I could not see myself after 21. Then, when I got to 21, I could not see myself beyond 30. Not all my mileposts are marked by time, some are by people or events. After El Jay was born, I could not imagine him beyond the age of two. I never thought that this was because he wouldn’t make it beyond two, just that I wouldn’t.

    And vanity. I’m not one of those beautiful women who grace any of the magazine covers...not even close. In fact, I suspect that people would turn off their cameras if I stepped into the shot. However, since it occured to me that I was so very close to my fifth decade, I’ve been observing women in their fifties for about a month now. There is something odd that happens to them. They plump up, they sag and they really start to age. Of course there are fabulous examples that dispute this observation, but most of us don’t have huge buckets of time and money to exercise, diet, visit plastic surgeons or engage personal trainers. Most of us will plump up, sag and age as nature intended. I’m already there so I dread what will happen to me when it was supposed to happen.

    Which brings me to my Blog. (WebLog) I am starting it today, the 47th anniversary of my birth. 

    Posted by karan on 06/22 at 04:54 PM
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