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    om namay padmay om

    [ Saturday, June 29, 2002 ]

    On Being Canadian

    I’m not really, but I tell complete strangers that I am.  There are certain things I will not do...including signing a ballot initiative petition in front of a supermarket.  I truly believe that it is impossible to examine an issue while rushing in and out of the store loaded with either a long shopping list or the groceries that are the result of it.  If I’m interested in an initiative, I’ll find a petition and sign it.  In our state, we have far too many ill conceived initiatives make it to the ballot and far too many get voted into law, challenged in court and reversed.  Lots of job security for lawyers, not so good for the citizenry.

    Anyway, I’ve tried a number of ways to get out of signing these petitions.  I’ve told the truth.  I’ve avoided eye contact.  I’ve tried shaking my head and barging past.  None of these work well.  The signature collectors are apparently paid per signature or are very committed to the cause because they don’t easily let you slip by or take no for an answer.  So, the very best way that I can accomplish my goal of “quickly pass”, is to tell them I’m Canadian.  Sorry, can’t even vote.  That’s that.  It works like a charm.  It’s worked so well that I’ve started telling telemarketers that I can’t buy their project because I’m Canadian.  Siding?  New windshield?  Sorry, I’m Canadian.  It’s actually very fun because I can just hear hesitation in their voice and the resulting silence as they try to absorb why that makes a difference.  Click and I take the opportunity to escape!

    The only problem with this big lie is that I’m starting to identify with Canada more than ever.  I sing “Oh Canada” at Canada/USA sports events, I follow the antics of Jean Chr├ętien.  I order Moosehead Beer.  I want to go to Cape Breton and I cried when Jamie Sale and David Pelletier won the consolation gold medals.  I sound like a loon don’t I? 

    One side note before I sign off for June.  We had spaghetti last night.

    Today’s Cool Link:  Earth Observatory.  This is a very neat site that shows everything relative to space.  Lots of very cool pictures too!  Click here to see my house from a local satellite’s perspective.

    Posted by karan on 06/29 at 05:26 PM
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