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    [ Friday, January 17, 2014 ]

    Obama and the NSA

    I haven’t written here for a long time.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t had a thought or two about what’s gone on around me, just that I ignored here.

    So...with the NSA and all this phone call, email and cell phone spying…

    I had mixed feelings when this whole NSA is spying on us thing unfolded.  My first thought was duh...didn’t the Bush administration make this legal after 911? Like who assumed they weren’t doing just this?  My contrary thought was what a bunch of assholes work for our government/ are our government.

    The second thought I had was that Snowden was a baby and his revelations bordered on traitorous. Mostly I thought he was amazingly naive.

    Finally, I figured that this was something we were all going to have to live with and if I had any intention of going subversive, I’d have to learn to watch me and my big mouth.

    Today, Obama released his plan to make this whole NSA spying thing seem not so bad.  Yeah.  He’s out in a couple of years and who knows who or what will undo anything he sets in motion today.  One of his plans is to take the government out of the business of storing all this electronic data they collect.  Not that they’ll stop it, just that (I guess) they’ll contract it out to (what I hope) is a trustworthy citizen corporation...you know, like Blackwater.

    I’ve seen enough of those doomsday movies to realize that I don’t necessarily want to put my trust in some private hands.  Seems to me that we’ll have even less protection there. 

    I guess that I’ll have to begin to practice my subversive privacy efforts starting now.  Or yesterday.

    Posted by karan on 01/17 at 01:43 PM
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