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    [ Wednesday, February 19, 2014 ]

    I think I knew it on some level but now that it’s personal, it pisses me off.

    I think I knew it on some level but now that it’s personal, it pisses me off...but getting old sucks.  It’s not the increasing creaks and groans.  It’s not the increasing need to make to do lists.  It’s actually the ever increasing dismissal showered on me by younger people. At first I thought it was a matter of heightened or maybe even excessive sensitivity to slights and glaze-overs when I talk to someone younger than me.  I began to notice that sales people increasingly overlook my polite conversation and sometimes even seem annoyed with me for my words.  I notice that when I volunteer, I am given chores instead of responsibilities and I notice, most sadly of all, that I am no longer considered as a valuable contributor to this world.

    This didn’t just start when I let my hair go to its natural silvery color...it’s been going on for as long as my face started drooping.  I kind of understand why folks look into lifting and tucking...although I WILL NOT DO THAT!

    There are some kindnesses showered on me because of my 58 years...for instance recently a young woman made an effort to help me take my suitcase out of the overhead bin on a plane...an effort I appreciated before I realized why she did it....hey...I’m not old! I do qualify for some of those old lady discounts which I’m glad to take until they started getting applied automatically.  I am certain that I’ll not get another job reflecting my training and experience and at best, if I need it, I’ll be looking at greeting at Walmart or sweeping floors at McDonalds. I don’t mind that kind of work...well I do but I’m not in a position to have to do it, thank god! But I don’t understand why all the respect I formerly enjoyed disappeared when my uterus dried up because if truth be told I put my uterus on hold a long long time ago.

    Posted by karan on 02/19 at 01:36 PM
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