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    [ Wednesday, June 26, 2002 ]

    Driving School

    Wrecked ExoticsToday El Jay started driving school.  I have big time mixed emotions about it, but it’s better for me (and probably him too) if someone else teaches him how to drive.  El Jay doesn’t care one way or the other, but the whole process ages me quickly.  When I dropped him off this morning, I met the teacher, Mr. Whomper (or whatever).  Mr. Whomper is as dull as oatmeal.  And you know something?  He continues with my own experience in driving school.  I don’t where they dig up driving teachers, but they have a reputation for being, let’s say, personality challenged.  I hope that El Jay is able to stay alert and learn something and that if Mr. Whomper is the actual in-the-car teacher, that both of them stay awake for the adventure.

    Ironically, this Wrecked Exotics web site link above arrived in my email box this am ...oh woe....

    My sister-in-law told me about this great series of books that she just finished reading by Diana Gabaldon.  I read the first one, Outlander, a total of 750 pages.  It was really....how should I put this....lusty.

    It’s about this woman who is magically transported from the year 1945 to the early 1700’s Scotland.  It’s a kind of intriguing story about life in those historical times and like I said, lots of lusty sex.  Well, I was intrigued enough to wonder what happens after the end of Outlander, to want to buy book two, Dragonfly in Amber.  To my horror, it was in the “Romance” section of the bookstore.  I have always been something of an (maybe) intellectual book snob—poo-pooing those books as not real “literature” and not worth the read.  It really took a lot of my effort and a careful review of how much I really wanted to read book two before I could force myself to actually walk up to the front of the store and buy it.  I hereby, publically apologize to those I’ve joined.  Oddly enough, I am now a reader of romance novels, well one, I’ve read one.

    Today’s Cool Link:  EasyRGB.  This is the coolest tool for color management.  It does “color matching”, “color harmonies”, “search a tint” and lets you callibrate your monitor.  The best tool for me was giving me the ability to convert color codes from one format to another...ie Pantone to Hexidecimal codes!  I love this site!

    Posted by karan on 06/26 at 07:20 PM
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