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    [ Thursday, January 23, 2014 ]

    college is expensive

    My friend Shelley shared this Facebook post by Robert Reich. It reminded me of some quiet thoughts I’ve long kept to myself....and allowing for the recognition that college is proportionately much more expensive then ever… many students don’t engage in some obvious cost saving measures that were once considered to be expected “in the day” and know that I write this from first-hand experience in speaking with students.

    Students don’t/won’t share a bedroom. They don’t want to use a laundromat. Many “can’t” live without a car. A study abroad experience is a must have...etc.

    Now I’m not such an ogre to suggest that all needy students demand these things...just that I’ve had conversations with very needy students who have taken out student loans to avoid and benefit such privileges...and who have been incensed that I might suggest living more frugally to avoid the debt.  In my mind it’s a matter of living cheaper now or later...with loan payments that prevent car or home ownership.  Too often students seem not to believe that they live with less and keep an eye on the prize.

    There. I’ve said it aloud and yes...I know tuition and books are outrageously high costs.

    Posted by karan on 01/23 at 07:32 PM
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