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    [ Saturday, June 29, 2002 ]

    On Being Canadian

    I’m not really, but I tell complete strangers that I am.  There are certain things I will not do...including signing a ballot initiative petition in front of a supermarket.  I truly believe that it is impossible to examine an issue while rushing in and out of the store loaded with either a long shopping list or the groceries that are the result of it.  If I’m interested in an initiative, I’ll find a petition and sign it.  In our state, we have far too many ill conceived initiatives make it to the ballot and far too many get voted into law, challenged in court and reversed.  Lots of job security for lawyers, not so good for the citizenry.

    Anyway, I’ve tried a number of ways to get out of signing these petitions.  I’ve told the truth.  I’ve avoided eye contact.  I’ve tried shaking my head and barging past.  None of these work well.  The signature collectors are apparently paid per signature or are very committed to the cause because they don’t easily let you slip by or take no for an answer.  So, the very best way that I can accomplish my goal of “quickly pass”, is to tell them I’m Canadian.  Sorry, can’t even vote.  That’s that.  It works like a charm.  It’s worked so well that I’ve started telling telemarketers that I can’t buy their project because I’m Canadian.  Siding?  New windshield?  Sorry, I’m Canadian.  It’s actually very fun because I can just hear hesitation in their voice and the resulting silence as they try to absorb why that makes a difference.  Click and I take the opportunity to escape!

    The only problem with this big lie is that I’m starting to identify with Canada more than ever.  I sing “Oh Canada” at Canada/USA sports events, I follow the antics of Jean Chr├ętien.  I order Moosehead Beer.  I want to go to Cape Breton and I cried when Jamie Sale and David Pelletier won the consolation gold medals.  I sound like a loon don’t I? 

    One side note before I sign off for June.  We had spaghetti last night.

    Today’s Cool Link:  Earth Observatory.  This is a very neat site that shows everything relative to space.  Lots of very cool pictures too!  Click here to see my house from a local satellite’s perspective.

    Posted by karan on 06/29 at 05:26 PM
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    [ Friday, June 28, 2002 ]


    I think I goofed....I told a couple of family members about this Blog and forgot all about mentioning Christmas presents here.  To my family I say, I changed my mind no mosaic gifts, no hand knitted fuzzy scarfs, I was only kidding.  It was a big joke. haha.

    Sorry that I’ve been remiss in posting for the last couple of days.  I had a couple of deadlines that sucked the life out of extra time.  I feel conflicted about deadlines...on the one hand, I like the pressure and focus they bring.  I feel more creative and my work feels somehow more important.  On the other hand, the rest of my life feels like a distraction and then I feel guilty.  Luckily I rarely have an all consuming deadline so the guilt is kept to a normal high minimum.

    I think I’m a wanna be nerd or maybe I’m a closet geek.  One day I was watching something on HGTV and that show featured a basket weaver named Billie Ruth Sudduth.  What I found interesting was that she used Fibonacci Numbers to help her design her weaving patterns.  Fibonacci was a mathematician from the 12 th century who discovered mathematical applications in all kinds of natural circumstances and was able to use math to predict outcomes in nature. (Fibonacci Numbers and Nature)

    Using Fibonacci Numbers, Billie Ruth Sudduth weaves the most beautiful unaffordable baskets.  Her web site: Jabobs shows off her work.  Jabobs is an acronymn for Just A Bunch Of Baskets.  You can see more examples of her baskets at Cicada and here Billie Ruth Sudduth.

    Today’s Cool Link:  I Want One of Those.  This is a fun site and filled with odd gadgets of which I want one each.  Fortunately for our bank account, it is located in the UK and the shipping costs are way prohibitive.  But, if I’m intrigued enough, I can always do a web search......

    Posted by karan on 06/28 at 05:23 PM
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    [ Wednesday, June 26, 2002 ]

    Driving School

    Wrecked ExoticsToday El Jay started driving school.  I have big time mixed emotions about it, but it’s better for me (and probably him too) if someone else teaches him how to drive.  El Jay doesn’t care one way or the other, but the whole process ages me quickly.  When I dropped him off this morning, I met the teacher, Mr. Whomper (or whatever).  Mr. Whomper is as dull as oatmeal.  And you know something?  He continues with my own experience in driving school.  I don’t where they dig up driving teachers, but they have a reputation for being, let’s say, personality challenged.  I hope that El Jay is able to stay alert and learn something and that if Mr. Whomper is the actual in-the-car teacher, that both of them stay awake for the adventure.

    Ironically, this Wrecked Exotics web site link above arrived in my email box this am ...oh woe....

    My sister-in-law told me about this great series of books that she just finished reading by Diana Gabaldon.  I read the first one, Outlander, a total of 750 pages.  It was really....how should I put this....lusty.

    It’s about this woman who is magically transported from the year 1945 to the early 1700’s Scotland.  It’s a kind of intriguing story about life in those historical times and like I said, lots of lusty sex.  Well, I was intrigued enough to wonder what happens after the end of Outlander, to want to buy book two, Dragonfly in Amber.  To my horror, it was in the “Romance” section of the bookstore.  I have always been something of an (maybe) intellectual book snob—poo-pooing those books as not real “literature” and not worth the read.  It really took a lot of my effort and a careful review of how much I really wanted to read book two before I could force myself to actually walk up to the front of the store and buy it.  I hereby, publically apologize to those I’ve joined.  Oddly enough, I am now a reader of romance novels, well one, I’ve read one.

    Today’s Cool Link:  EasyRGB.  This is the coolest tool for color management.  It does “color matching”, “color harmonies”, “search a tint” and lets you callibrate your monitor.  The best tool for me was giving me the ability to convert color codes from one format to another...ie Pantone to Hexidecimal codes!  I love this site!

    Posted by karan on 06/26 at 07:20 PM

    [ Monday, June 24, 2002 ]

    Spaghetti Wars.

    Me Going CrazyParenting is hard work and requires enormous self-control in the most bizarre of circumstances. Today eleven year old Rejjie screamed full force at me because I wouldn’t make spaghetti for dinner. Mind you, I didn’t say no to spaghetti, I just said tonight wasn’t a good night for it. With the passion of Daisy Buchanan, she screamed at me, slammed doors, called me names and disappeared for almost an hour before slamming a few more doors and retreating to her bedroom. I worry that she’s a little bit too much like Daisy. I hope for more depth.

    I bought knitting needles and fuzzy yarn today. I decided to knit a scarf for my niece in her school colors and I’m going to give it to her for her September birthday so she can get some use out of it during the football season. I hope it works out and I hope she likes it! Of course, this is a premature hope...I still have to make the thing. I’ve been looking for a web site that really start me out and I think that About’s Beginner Site will do the trick.

    Today’s Cool Link: Archie McPhee. This is my favorite odd shop. I used to drive up to Fremont just to get oddities for Halloween and to watch the Fish Parade in April and finally they went on-line! My favorite goodie this month is, of course, the Fuzz Action Figure

    Posted by karan on 06/24 at 04:10 PM

    [ Sunday, June 23, 2002 ]

    Two days in a row!

    I’m starting a streak here. I’ve been playing around with a couple of “feature” options with my Blog; a counter and maybe a guestbook. Then it occured to me that it’s unlikely that very many folks will ever visit this space, so never mind. I’ll only have to assume grand expectations.
    I’m planning to make Christmas presents this year. I figure that my kids will want to help so we’ll make it a summer effort. I always start with the idea that we’ll save some money, but life experience has shown me that it will more than likely cost us 3x as much....oh well.

    I think we’ll mosaic some frames for pictures and mirrors. I learned how to mosaic with my friend Barbara at a local paint the plate place. She made a huge frame and I made the ugliest clock you can imagine. I gave it to her for Christmas that year and I think she must have stored it in the garage because I’ve never seen in since then. Anyway, I’ve drummed up enough courage to try again.

    I found a really nice place to buy supplies, Mosaic Basics and of course there is always Home Depot. Wish me luck.

    The other gifts I’m going to make for the teen girls in our families are some sort of fuzzy scarves. I’ll knit those. I haven’t knitted anything for a million years and I never did get the hang of that cast on-cast off thing, but I’ll give it a go. If I can’t manage it, I’ll crochet. That’s easy. I got the fuzzy scarf idea from a link I followed on not martha’s Blog. Wish me luck here too. 

    Posted by karan on 06/23 at 04:07 PM

    [ Saturday, June 22, 2002 ]

    Today is my birthday.

    It is kind of freaking me out and on so many levels. First, I just want to say that I can’t believe that I’m that old.  I never, in my whole life thought I’d live this long. It’s not that I lived a particularly hazardous lifestyle, it’s just that I seem to set mileposts for myself that I cannot imagine myself beyond. For example, my first milepost was 21. When I was around six, I could imagine myself going to middle school, driving, graduating from high school, but I could not see myself after 21. Then, when I got to 21, I could not see myself beyond 30. Not all my mileposts are marked by time, some are by people or events. After El Jay was born, I could not imagine him beyond the age of two. I never thought that this was because he wouldn’t make it beyond two, just that I wouldn’t.

    And vanity. I’m not one of those beautiful women who grace any of the magazine covers...not even close. In fact, I suspect that people would turn off their cameras if I stepped into the shot. However, since it occured to me that I was so very close to my fifth decade, I’ve been observing women in their fifties for about a month now. There is something odd that happens to them. They plump up, they sag and they really start to age. Of course there are fabulous examples that dispute this observation, but most of us don’t have huge buckets of time and money to exercise, diet, visit plastic surgeons or engage personal trainers. Most of us will plump up, sag and age as nature intended. I’m already there so I dread what will happen to me when it was supposed to happen.

    Which brings me to my Blog. (WebLog) I am starting it today, the 47th anniversary of my birth. 

    Posted by karan on 06/22 at 04:54 PM
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