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    om namay padmay om

    [ Monday, June 24, 2002 ]

    Spaghetti Wars.

    Me Going CrazyParenting is hard work and requires enormous self-control in the most bizarre of circumstances. Today eleven year old Rejjie screamed full force at me because I wouldn’t make spaghetti for dinner. Mind you, I didn’t say no to spaghetti, I just said tonight wasn’t a good night for it. With the passion of Daisy Buchanan, she screamed at me, slammed doors, called me names and disappeared for almost an hour before slamming a few more doors and retreating to her bedroom. I worry that she’s a little bit too much like Daisy. I hope for more depth.

    I bought knitting needles and fuzzy yarn today. I decided to knit a scarf for my niece in her school colors and I’m going to give it to her for her September birthday so she can get some use out of it during the football season. I hope it works out and I hope she likes it! Of course, this is a premature hope...I still have to make the thing. I’ve been looking for a web site that really start me out and I think that About’s Beginner Site will do the trick.

    Today’s Cool Link: Archie McPhee. This is my favorite odd shop. I used to drive up to Fremont just to get oddities for Halloween and to watch the Fish Parade in April and finally they went on-line! My favorite goodie this month is, of course, the Fuzz Action Figure

    Posted by karan on 06/24 at 04:10 PM
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