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Places I Hope to Visit

  • Italia. done!
  • Nova Scotia/Cape Breton. Hopefully our next very big vacation will be here. I want to drink ale, step dance and listen to the wonderful Cape Breton fiddlers and singers. Maybe I'll do some fine Canadian hiking too!
  • The West of Ireland. Actually I'd love to visit all of Ireland, but I have a particular mind to head to the west. I want to see the Aran Islands, drink ale, step dance...hey, pretty much the same things I want to do in Cape Breton but also see ancestral ground in general.
  • La France Orientale. I don't know why I yearn to go here but it seems like it's off the beaten path and a good place to practice my French...that I will learn...someday.

Secret Fantasies

  • CIA. I want to be a spy. I want to learn to read secret codes, use passwords and pass on covert information....kind of like using the internet....but with a dark coat and hat.
  • Commonword/The Monday Night Group. I really want to be a real writer. I want to write a novel and I want it to be my first effort so I won't be discouraged. (Please, remember this section is about fantasies.)
  • The National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame. I want to yodel and rope a calf. I want to ride the range and sing to the cattle. Then I want to go home and take a hot shower and catch up on my email.
  • Sing. I want to sing, sing well. I want to be able to be able to belt out Happy Birthday instead of swallowing the sound so that those around me won't stop in shock when I open my mouth.

Some Stuff I Like to Do

  • NPR. I am addicted to National Public Radio. When my new radio was installed in my car, the first preset button went to 88.5 where our local NPR station resides. Our house is in a radio-free zone and I've been known to hop in my car, pick up a latté and park where I can receive those treasured radio waves.
  • Ferries. I love to ride ferries. I will go out of my way to take a ferry somewhere. WAshington has one of the best ferry systems I've ever seen and a really nice way to spend an afternoon.
  • Reading Reading Reading!

Stuff I Plan to Do

  • The 1000 Journal Project. A cool idea and I will continue to wait for Journal 854 so I can do my entry. I suspect that I'll see it sometime in 2007.
  • GeoCaching, the sport of noids. I love the whole treasure hunt aspect of this activity. I've been meaning to do it for more than a year now, but can't seem to squeeze it in.
  • Learn French. In the southern regions of the US, all the packaging comes with English and Spanish directions. Up here, all the packaging comes with English and French directions. It makes me want to learn to speak French.
  • The Northern Lights. I will see the Northern Lights someday, I will I will I will.

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