The Flummel Cast of Characters
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Leonard - (aka as Lij) The Husband and Father in our family. He likes to play outside. He particularly likes least right now. He plays the guitar, but privately because it makes him self-conscious. He is a good dad. He is a better grandpa.

El Jay - (aka LC) The Son. He's 26. He is still working on the person he will be, facing both external and self-induced challenges. The good thing is that he is a lovely person who is chin deep into finding himself. All we can do for him is love him, provide support and hope for the best.

Rejjie -The Daughter. She's 22 and not only is she the child my mother wished on me when I was a teenager but she alone is the reason I have to have my natural hair color reapplied every six weeks. She is smart, she is dramatic, and she is a girly girl. Where the heck did that come from? She brought true turmoil to our lives and I'm looking forward to her finding out that it just doesn't work well for her. She is an amazingly good mom to Jay. AKA Rej.

Jay - Jay is the newest member of our household. Born to Rejjie on Jan. 1, 2012, he is the cutest, smartest, best baby ever. Not that I'm a biased grandmother or anything. His real name is not Jay, I just use that name because Rejjie told me to.

Thumbelina - One of the cats I refer to as the twins (the other is Zeba)...although they share neither birth date, parentage or even age...they both showed up with Rejjie after her final departure from the last boy friend. Thumbelina is a polydactyl cat meaning that she has at least 453 extra toes...all of which have tiny sharp claws. She's a yellow tabby and very fun to watch as she rampages through the house.

Zeba - Zeba is a cat of mixed parentage...her gray ears, blue eyes and white fir mean that apparently she's got some Siamese in her while her legs look like they were dipped into a light gray tabby. She's as much delicate and dainty as Thumbelina ain't. Her name is Rejjie's misspelling of that character on NCIS.

PNW - The Pacific Northwest. I love it here. I've lived in the PNW since 1977 and hope never ever to have to permanently move away.

Tools of the WeBLog - This is a list of the tools I use to make Flummel, Flummer, Flummo. The list is ordered according to the tools most used...

  1. My own noggin': grayware - for ideas, observations and experience.
  2. ExpressionEngine: The software that gets it to work and look like it does
  3. The internet: grayware* for ideas and links
  4. Jasc Paint Shop Pro: software for the easy graphics
  5. Microsoft Design Gallery Live: free clip art
  6. Nikon D70s: My camera
  7. Adobe PhotoShop: software for the tricky graphics

And, that's about it...

* that software inside that hard head...I made this term up because I needed it and it amuses me.

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