Flummel Bio Through Footwear
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1950'sThe 1950's - The decade of my birth...the end of the baby boom....10 1/2 months of life as a single child; 18 months more before we were three sisters; Romper Room; Captain Kangaroo; and I Love Lucy.


The 1960's - Lots of moving, a new house at least once a year and almost as many schools; officially attending school after sneaking on the bus many times when I was four; the Cuban Missle Crisis; the space program; JFK's assasination; Lee Harvey Oswald killed live on TV; the Cold War and fall out shelters; hippies; protests; MLK's assasination; the Viet Nam War; rock and roll; Looney Toons; Gilligan's Island; folk music; and Star Trek.

1970's The 1970's - The War; the protests; Richard Nixon; McGovern; high school; graduation, Watergate; soaping fountains; backpacking; junior college; changing majors every semester; graduation; Star Wars; best friends; rock and roll; Humboldt State; meeting Lij; graduation; Monty Python; the Muppet Show; and Saturday Night Live.


The 1980's
- Teaching certificate; growing up; oh no Ronald Reagan; all kinds of music; move to Eugene, Oregon; Pine Mountain Observatory; grad school at OSU; marriage; graduation; Olympia, WAshington; TESC; discovered the Internet; birth of El Jay; growing up some more; the Gulf War; first house; first computer; miscarriages; the fall of the Berlin Wall; NPR; Max Headroom; Star Trek the Next Generation; and the Cosby Show.

1990'sThe 1990's - Misery at work; birth of Orion; more work misery; Animaniacs; quit work; learned new skills; first job in new career; Internet life expanded; experienced success; the Soviet Union crumbles; still all kinds of music; more balanced life; family challenges; ER, X-Files; the Simpsons; and AbFab.

21st Century, so far

The 2000's - September 11th; writing; EYH; Angel; West Wing; blogging; parenthood hell; Italy....

The 10s

The 2010's - The stupid economy, Big Bang Theory, CeeLo Green's FU song, the people on the hill going one by one, money worries like never before.

These are representative pictures; not my body parts or personal footwear.

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