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    [ Thursday, December 14, 2006 ]

    Big winds

    Tuesday night we had a big windy storm.  Our power went out some time around midnight and all night long I could hear Miss Gulch cackling as she wheeled her bike hither and yon across the sky and a few times I think she rode whack right into the house.

    Yesterday morning we awoke to only one downed tree, an old dead snag that Mrs. Peeper warned us about last year… “You’d better take that old snag down because it will fall on one of your kids.”

    When I saw that it fell, for a tiny moment, I considered positioning El Jay under it and calling Mrs. Peeper over and point to the fallen El Jay and say, “Look, you were right!”

    I didn’t do that but it made me smile thinking of it.

    In a couple of hours we are expecting a way bigger storm...one so big that our local news just advised those of us with two story homes to sleep downstairs.  I don’t know if we’ll do that, but I am getting better prepared than I was for the last storm.  I am recharging everything that can keep me occupied if the power fails and preparing our storm room for a lengthy stay.  After I click submit, I’m getting some gas for the car and the generator.

    If we lose power for more than a couple of days, I invite every one of you to my house to feast on our defrosted freezer foods.  And if I get on the news, I’ll wave to you all!

    Update:  1:41pm - The car is gassed up, I bought some off-the-boat-fresh Dungeness Crabs for $4.99/pound for a power-free dinner and plenty of stove top cooking meals, just in case.  The outside is very wet and very dark...quite ominous.  ohboyohboyohboy

    Posted by karan on 12/14 at 12:02 PM
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